Brand: MOGO

MOGO"s innovative line of flavoured mouthguards are among the leaders in the industry.
The flavour is not a coating, it is not sprayed on, it is embedded into the plastic!
The result is a fantastic mouthguard that helps to protect both players and orthodontics and stays fresh game after game!
Comfortable and easy to wear, these moughguards also have a quick-release tether, so they are worn either strapped or strapless.

MOGO M1 Features:

Exceptional design allows for both comfort, performance, protection, and breathability.

Flavour is made from all-natural ingredients.

PolyFlav® resins meet FDA standards; mouthguard is BPA -free.

Mouthguard can be worn either with or without the tether.

$10,000 dental warranty.

Available in Youth (ages 11 and under) and Adult (ages 12+) sizes.

Flavours - Bubblegum, Mint, Orange

$29.90 $20.00
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