This Whirlerz Metallic Finger Fidget Hand Spinner features quality fast bearings for smooth and rapid long-lasting spinning action. It also has a high quality bearing in the middle for ultra-smooth spins. Great for

These strangely addictive finger spinners are a new and innovative way to help you stop fidgeting and destress while you impress. Small and portable, they can be used by anyone for any occasions. Built with stainless steel ball bearings, simply hold the Fidget Spinner between your thumb and finger before spinning it to create smooth, seamless spins every time. Featuring a glossy metallic finish, it comes in a variety of different colours, and is sure to provide you with hours of spinning fun. Great for keeping the kids quiet for a few hours!

Whirlerz Metallic Tri Finger Fidget Spinner
High quality fast and smooth bearings
Perfect for fidgeting hands, killing time and stress relief
Shown to improve relief from ADHD sufferers
Compact Ergonomic Size: 7.8cm - Easily fits in to pocket or hand bag
Can be spun on a desk or table
Spins for over a minute