Brand: SHOT

Inspired by New Zealand's raptors, Birds of Prey bring the same deadly accuracy, stealth and speed to the game as our great winged hunters. Barrels and flights in this range take their cue from the evolved aerodynamics of swift, silent wings.

Featuring our new Hi-tech particle coating technology for rich, highly reflective colours and unbeatable wearability. This fine coating is only microns thick and reflects the base sheen of the tungsten. Harrier is a deep natural brown for stealth and the element of surprise. With its solid, front and centre shark fin grip and centre weighting, this is the dart for the assured player

Barrel design: Pencil shape. Shark fin grip through the nose, followed by a micro waffle grip

Made in New Zealand

Set comes with:

3 x 90% Tungsten Darts

3 x Custom Harrier 100 micron small std flights

3 x Eagle Claw Clear Orange Inbetween Shafts with Rings