Young German ace Martin Schindler has recently signed with Bull’s NL and Shot Darts. From a teenage TV debut, Schindler has broken into the top 64 in Order of Merit in a lightning-fast 18 months and is set to the next superstar of world darts. Bulls NL and Shot Darts have used our combined expertise to design and craft a precision dart range that fits Martins game, his winning attitude and his rising profile - with spectacular results. The Wall dart range has been designed in close collaboration with Schindler, precision manufactured at the Shot Darts factory in New Zealand. Featuring a range of grip styles and designs, to suit any player at any level. This dart range has an easy grip for beginners, but the durability that will suit more experienced players.

The Wall 90% Dart Set - Barrel Features
Tapered nose for good grouping and high score potential, with added value of a reliable reference point for finger placement.
A flat ring grip in the mid-section of the barrel for additional grip option.
Precision square grooved cut rear section, reinforced with Shot Darts unwavering Masonry Grip which delivers a reliable push point with zero slip or drag on release.
Cinder Grip applied in a brick design from mid section to nose, which adds super fine control and added traction. This dart has a good grip anywhere along the barrel.
Torpedo barrel shaped with a slight front weighted balance, suitable for centre and front weighted playing styles.
The Wall dart ranges are finished with in-between length (39mm) durable nylon shafts with spring ring. In-between shafts offers a complimentary balance between control and stability and ensures your dart hits the dartboard at an optimum angle. The ring ensures a tight fit between the shaft and the 100 Micron standard flight. Standard flights (No 2 shape) provides excellent lift and stability for your darts.

*Tip: Shaft measurement does not include thread.
Barrels feature The Wall logo. Comes with a dart carry case and custom Powerflite Martin Schindler "The Wall" 100 Micron Standard Flights.

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