Brand: Body Science

Mens ATHLETE Core Stability Shorts Black

Body Science has set a new standard for quality and effectiveness with these men's core shorts. These compression shorts feature a 2mm neoprene wrap fitted to the adductors of the leg to provide a specific level of compression. These shorts can help increase proprioception and keep the area warm, decreasing the risk of muscle injury.

Key Features:

High quality 2mm neoprene wrap
Promote decreases in pain and stiffness

Increase proprioception

Comfortable & high quality Australian made design

Body Science strives to provide the tools required for individuals to improve their athletic performance, remain injury free, and enhance recovery. With that in mind they have produced these high quality compression shorts.

The use of compression shorts is paramount for anyone engaging in high intensity sports. Particularly ones which involve a stop-start nature such as rugby, netball, football etc. The reason being that compression shorts improve proprioception (muscle awareness) which is a key component to preventing muscle and joint injury. They also keep the strain-prone groin and hip muscles warm while worn, reducing the chance of muscle tearing from sudden sprinting or dodging movements. Don’t worry though, quality moisture control technology ensures that you won’t be uncomfortable!

The 2mm Neoprene wrap which is fitted to the adductors of the leg provides a specific level of compression to the groin region. This can promote decreases in pain in athletes with tendon problems, muscle tears, or sports hernias etc.

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