Brand: Body Science

Follows a simple but very effective mechanism: the muscles. Wear these compression tights alone or layer under training gear to stay cozy and dry. Assists with muscle flexion and extension and absorbs the fatigue inducing shock and vibration that your muscles normally absorb during repetitive use. Ergonomically patterned to the bodies anatomy. Enhanced circulation. Aid lactic acid removal. Increased flow of oxygen. Reduce muscle vibration. Reduce delayed muscle soreness (DOMS). Reduce muscle and ligament strain by keeping muscles in line and at optimum position. Targeted panel construction offers superior focus muscle power. Permanent catch pull release system optimising body temperature even after extensive washing. Permanent moisture management wicking. 50+ UV protection. Whether your an Elite Athlete or aspiring to compete like one. BSC Skins Compression will help reduce muscle injury and aid recovery between training sessions.

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