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Manly Sea Eagles will be wearing a custom-designed strip for the game in Christchurch, commissioned by Ngai Tahu and designed by leading Maori artist and carver Fayne Robinson. The design will incorporate a mix of Ngai Tahu and Manly heritage and will only be worn when Manly plays in Christchurch, June 9th 2018.

The design elements are a combination of Puhoro and Mango Pare, so there is double meaning.

Puhoro talks about the journey and the connection that will be created between Manly and Christchurch and Mango Pare talks about the strength, achievement, values and the pride of the Club.

It's about building connections with Christchurch which helps build a strong community. The design connects the Kiwi players within the Club back to Aotearoa, past present and future. Australia-based Kiwi players within the club will be able to relate to this.

In the design it shows a connection to the land, through the depiction of the Southern Alps (Te Tiritiri o te Moana) through geometric designs in the overall form.

Puhoro is a designed used in the lower half of the body down to the knees to signify a hardened battle ready warrior.

The placement of this design in that part of the shirt, it is a representation of this part of the journey where the players are ready to go into battle for this Club, much as warriors would go into battle for their tribe.

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